• Our street lights

    Our street lamp is powered by crystal silicon solar cell,
    maintenance free valve-controlled sealed battery (colloid battery) to store electric energy,
    super bright LED lamp as the light source, and controlled by intelligent charge
    and discharge controller, used to replace the traditional public electric lighting street lamp.
    No need for laying cables, no need for ac power supply, and no electricity charges
  • Our main products

    The main products of the company include solar street lamp,
    street lamp, stainless steel lamp, landscape lamp,
    garden lamp, lawn lamp, wall lamp, pillar lamp, underwater lamp,
    coconut lamp, hosepipe lamp and so on

Products recommended

The following is our main products, welcome to contact us or email message, tell us what you want

Usage scenarios

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  • integration
  • outdoor
  • Split
  • courtyard
  • road

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